Operating Room Analysis Course

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Who is this course for?

The Operating Room (OR) Analysis course is for hospital and healthcare provider staff who want to improve operating room effectiveness using data-driven techniques. The participant will become comfortable using data to drive operating room performance improvement in their organisation.

"OR utilisation is one of the most precious resources in healthcare. MedModus completed a very comprehensive OR capacity analysis for Tallaght University Hospital. 

Their analysis helped us understand OR capacity, OR utilisation and the gap that would need to be met to improve access for surgical patients. 

I am delighted to see their toolkits and analytic techniques are being offered on taught courses for healthcare providers. Having worked with the team in MedModus for the last number of years, I’m sure this course will enhance individual hospital’s abilities to become self-reliant in quality improvement around OR utilisation."

Prof. Paul Ridgway

Consultant Upper GI, HPB & General Surgery, Tallaght University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

Case Study

See how MedModus used some of the techniques taught in this course to help a children's hospital carry out a detailed review of operating room capacity. 

OR dashboard

CPD Certified Training

The Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCSEng) has awarded up to 13 CPD points for this training course.

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Aims of the course

  • To develop a data model that will allow users to assess operating room performance
  • To give healthcare professionals the fundamental techniques needed to analyse operating room data
  • To provide examples of how data can be used to drive operating room performance improvement in hospitals

What will I learn?


Operating room data model – On completion of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the use and implementation of an operating room data model. You will be able to create this tool for your hospital, making OR analysis more efficient and helping you draw important insights from your data.


Measure & understand activity levels – Measuring throughput in an OR facility is essential for assessing performance. You will learn how to measure this at the specialty and surgeon level. 


Visualisations & dashboards – The right visualisation can help tell the story behind the data. You will learn how to effectively visualise the findings of your OR analysis.


Key metrics – OR utilisation and late starts are some of the key metrics used worldwide to measure OR efficiency. Efficient use of surgical facilities can lead to more patients being treated and a reduction in costs to the hospital. You will learn how to measure these key metrics and compare them against performance targets.


Cost analysis – Operating rooms are often one of the largest expenses for a hospital. Therefore, it is important to assess the costs associated with these facilities to ensure maximum value is being obtained. You will learn how to measure costs using data.

One-on-One Support

Throughout this course you will be provided with one-on-one support by a dedicated tutor. Following the course this tutor will assist you in creating an operating room data model for your own hospital.

Lesson plan

Module 1 - Introduction

Lesson 1: Operating Room Data – 25 minutes

Lesson 2: Creating a Data Model – 60 minutes

Module 2 - Activity & Visualisation

Lesson 3: Measuring Activity – 50 minutes

Lesson 4: Year-on-Year Comparisons Part 1 - 30 minutes

Lesson 5: Year-on-Year Comparisons Part 2 – 60 minutes

Lesson 6: Visualisations – 50 minutes

Module 3 - Utilisation

Lesson 7: Utilisation Part 1 – 20 minutes

Lesson 8: Utilisation Part 2 – 60 minutes

Lesson 9: Utilisation Targets – 40 minutes

Module 4 - Cost

Lesson 10: Costs – 45 minutes

Lesson 11: Time-Based Cost Analysis Part 1 – 30 minutes

Lesson 12: Time-Based Cost Analysis Part 2 – 25 minutes

Lesson 13: Time-Based Cost Analysis Part 3 – 30 minutes

Lesson 14: Late Starts – 30 minutes

Module 5 - Conclusion

Lesson 15: Conclusion & Assessment – 180 minutes

How will I be assessed?

Flexible online delivery means you can learn in your own time and at your own pace. There is continual evaluation throughout this course, with a quiz after each lesson. You must pass the quiz in each lesson before you can progress to the next topic. The final lesson includes an assessment, where you will be tested on the analysis techniques covered in the course. The final assessment will be graded by the course teacher, and must be passed to complete the course. You will then be provided with a Certificate of Completion. 

The entire course takes 13 hours to complete. You will have access to the course materials for 6 months.


  • Hospital or healthcare provider employee
  • Intermediate Microsoft Excel skills (e.g. writing formulas, pivot tables)
  • Microsoft Excel 2013 or 2016 installation (with Power Pivot enabled)
  • dual monitor setup will make it easier to follow along. One screen can be used for the video content and the other for your work in Excel. Using a second monitor or tablet to watch the video content will speed up your progress.

Course Price

25% off until 31st December 2020

€1,995 €1,495


6 months course access


One-on-one support


CPD certificate (13 hours/points)


2 days post-course support to create OR data model for your hospital

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